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Taze the lugs at the places where you want to work in the hair extension with clips. To attach and disconnect, bend the clips of the hair extension in the opposite direction. Attach the hair extension with the clips as close to the scalp as possible and start at the neck. Clip-in extensions also give you an easy way to combine different colors with their way of using them. With the following instructions for using our Clip-in Extensions, you can also extend your hair in the blink of an eye yourself. Fastening is as easy as removing the hair extensions. That's why our Ruby Clip-in Extensions are especially handy. They are simply clamped under the top hair. Then you can treat the extensions just like your own hair. You want to style your extensions? No problem! Whether curling iron, hot winder or hair dryer, your human hair extensions make every hairstyle flexible and still shine vital. So you can easily customize your hair extension for any occasion, whether you want to party or create a chic business look. Your imagination and your taste are endless with our clip-in extensions!